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How do I know when my dog needs a nail trim and how often should I schedule appointments?

Much like human nails, dog nail growth varies between each pet, however, unlike humans, our pet's nails can actually begin to touch the ground. This can be very problematic if not corrected and as a general rule when your dog is standing on a flat surface there should be no part of the nail touching the ground. Dogs that have long nails may require visits as often as every 2 weeks to get to a healthy nail length and should then be done every 3-6 weeks to maintain proper length and shape. 

Where do you do the PET-icures and how long does it take?

PET-icures will be done in your backyard or in your home and depending on the pet will take approximately 10-15 minutes. Multiple pets require longer visits and first appointments usually take a little longer so your pet and I can get acquainted.

What is the difference in your services and those of a groomer or vet?

While at the groomer or vet your pet is typically receiving several other services and so the nails are not the main focus and usually receive very minimal care. It is a quick clip that can sometimes do more harm than good. I focus only on the nails and not just temporary shortening but rather maintaining a long-term healthy nail length. Buffing  the nails smooth with a Dremel tool or file is also necessary to ensure optimum shape of the nail which prevents cracking and peeling.

How do you handle difficult, nervous, scared dogs or even those that "hate" nail trims?

My goal is to build a relationship and trust with your pet so that nail trims are quick, simple and most of all painless! This may take several visits and may require one of several optional tactics to find what is best for your dog. Most dogs can be desensitized to the process through gentleness, patience, and regular visits. The long-term goal is little or no assistance from the owner but sometimes you may help by holding or petting your dog's head. In rare cases, I will use a muzzle for two purposes. First, so that neither your pet nor myself is injured and second to ensure we can complete the nail trim and your pet can begin to learn to enjoy the process or at least calmly tolerate it.

Do you do other pets like cats or exotic pets?

Yes I do cats as  well as exotics including rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, lizards, hedgehogs, and birds. 

Do you offer full-service mobile grooming?

I do not have the setup for full-service mobile grooming so I don't offer bathing/drying however I do offer full haircuts on small breed dogs . Contact me for more grooming info.